Not only is our Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge going to be tough to organise and find corporate sponsorship for over the next two years, we have also given ourselves the hugely ambitious target of raising £100,000 for charity, through public donations, at the same time!

For all the people who have contacted us regarding public donation, you will be glad to hear that our Virgin Money Giving account is up-and-running and our donations page is now live!
You can visit our team page >>here<< and the direct link to the donation page is >>here<<.
You can also donate directly through our FaceBook page via the “Donate” button. Please feel free to share our page!

As we have chosen to exclusively use Corporate Sponsorship to fund our row, you can rest assured that Hell Oar High Water will not be accessing your hard earned cash and ALL your donations will go to directly to our chosen Charities. You can find out more about them (CentrePoint & BHC Neonatal Unit) >>here<<

Virgin Money Giving

We have chosen Virgin Money Giving as our platform as it not only offers the opportunity to split your donations between multiple charities, it is also a 100% not-for-profit company. Therefore their fees are the lowest available so more of your money goes directly to charity. In fact if you opt to give Gift Aid (which hopefully you will) the government will also donate a further 25% on top of your donation. It’s like magic – Free Money!

Here is how a donation of £10 is broken down

Donation  £10.00
Gift Aid  £2.50
Transaction fee @2%  £0.20
Card processing fee @1.45%*  £0.15
Total donation £12.15
(Total cost to charity £0.35)

So basically if you donate £10.00 – over £12.00 goes to charity. Awesome!

The “Come Along “ Club

For single donations of £250+ (excluding Gift Aid) you will get your Name, School or (not-for-profit) Club Name printed on vinyl and stuck on our boat so you can “come along” on our journey across the Atlantic with us. How cool is that! You will also have your chosen name added to our website and get a shoutout on our social media.

Corporate Sponsorship

As we are not touching any public donations, we are relying purely on Corporate Sponsorship to fund our row. Do you, or somebody you know, own a business that is looking for exciting sponsorship opportunities, a unique way of advertising and national/international media exposure? Well we are offering 7 plans to suit every budget. Click >> here << for full details.

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Donation links again – Virgin Team PageDirect Donation Page

– Chris & James –

*The card processing fee of 1.45% applies to all cards except American Express which is 1.6%. The PayPal processing fee is 1.6%. Card processing fees do not apply to text donations.

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